SOCIOMANTIC - art booth


COLOGNE / Germany 2014

boothdesign & implementation: Inco Media Art Team


The power of Sociomantic’s technology to take massive amounts of data from its clients and turn that into individually personalized ads, and to do it billions of times every day — it’s something astounding in the end. What they’ve accomplished and how they’ve accomplished it is just as much art as science, and that’s the inspiration behind this installation.

We used collected data to paint on different canvas sizes with a machine. The machine - build by Jacob - used different colors for different types of data and moved along the canvases, while it was throwing out the paint.

DATA - MACHINE - ART // behind the canvas we put the "data sponsor" - the employees of sociomantic. The "machine art" on canvas was given to the visitors as an give away during the trade ... 

THE BOOTH on the trade

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